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The Journey in Between

The Journey in Between

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The Journey in Between midlife book for women offers inspiring biblical guidance to help you navigate life's ups and downs. Discover practical wisdom from God's word and the personal journey of author Eileen Deadwiler. Get ready to strengthen your faith and set yourself on a path of purposeful living.

Get your copy of The Journey in Between and resurface stronger with The Journey in Between empty nesters book.


ISBN: 9781941580226 (Paperback)
ISBN: 9781941580233 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 9781941580189 (EBook)

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Navigate midlife, grief, loss and adversity with The Journey in Between book for empty nesters by Eileen Deadwiler 

The Journey in Between empty nesters book helps you navigate the terrain in between life's moments by applying Biblical text and acknowledging God's presence.

Through The Journey in Between, the Word of God is Like a Compass Amid Mid-life.

The Journey in Between empty nesters book is perfect for you if you find yourself stuck between life's moments.

This book helps you cope with hard choices, life-changing situations, adversity, grief and loss, or fear.

Insights within The Journey in Between book offer empathetic solutions into how you can find comfort and compassion when you open your heart to God's lessons and words.

When life seems complex, complicated, and challenging to face the hurdles or in times of uncertainty, The Journey in Between book offers guidance.

This empty nesters book for women and men is what you need to learn that every step you take forward is progress.

The Journey in Between book shares nuggets and spiritual insight into the hope, peace, and love of an intentional and caring God and how His presence is in everything. 


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