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The Best Revenge

The Best Revenge

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The Best Revenge Self-Love Book – Overcome Adversity, Abuse and Betrayal Self-Help Books for Women by Tawanna Jackson-Adams – Self-Help Book on Self-Forgiveness and Finding God Journey

The Best Revenge Can Rise Stronger and More Confident Than Ever Amid Chaos

Growing up in a dysfunctional family is one of the hardest things a child can endure. Tawanna Jackson-Adams explores in her
self-care book for women and men the many layers of abuse, betrayal and adversity she faced from people she called family, offering meaningful, heartwarming insights drawn from struggles and her real-life experience to help people change their perspective toward self-improvement and guide them to a different path of self-love, self-help, determination and a positive attitude.

The Best Revenge is a
self-help book for men and women in which the author shares her personal experience on her struggles growing up while she faced abuse and neglect from her family, where clothes, even food, or love were rare. Usually, the many feelings of disappointment, sadness, hate, frustration or humiliation don’t let a person develop harmoniously and find her true potential, but this author shares a powerful concept: there is always a choice, when you acknowledge the trauma and you are determined enough to resurface stronger, better and more confident than ever.

This book is like a
life recovery bible for people who find themselves stuck with the trauma of an unhappy childhood and the consequences of bad life decisions influenced by a dysfunctional family. The book emphasizes the idea of self-love, forgiveness and determination as being the main pillars of rising above the trauma, the people who neglected or abused you to find a better self and navigate through your journey of healing, loving yourself and forgiving those who hurt you.

Why is This Book for You?
  • Explores the idea of trauma and recovery from a neglecting, dysfunctional family
  • Offers personal insights shared from intimate experiences
  • Ideal for men and women who grew up in a similar environment and try to find their way out of trauma
  • Shared from personal experiences of abuse, neglect, betrayal and adversity
  • Explores the concept of self-love, forgiveness and finding God
  • Personal testimony to help people forgive themselves and the people who hurt them
  • Encourages to find your peace, confidence and strength
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