Rein Johnson

Rein JohnsonRein Johnson is a co-author of Woman of Purpose, Power, and Passion: An Anthology of Hope & Direction. Her birth name is Heireina Patrei Johnson. She is affectionately known as “Rein” or “Lady Rein” in art, ministry, and authorship was born and raised in San Francisco, CA to Elder Huey P Johnson and Evangelist Yuvetta Pryor. Her father, prior to his passing right before her birth, prophesied over her in the womb, indicating that she would become a dynamic woman of God carrying on his legacy of high-profile ministry and profound commitment to the cause of Christ and that she would be chosen to bring healing and deliverance to nations. Rein was saved, anointed, and called to preach at the tender age of seven—a ministry prodigy often astounding those who experienced her keen insight, revelations, and theological/exegetical handling of the word. Her ministry was largely developed in the Church of God in Christ where she held many positions in ministry until she was called to further advancement and was licensed as an Evangelist in the AME church prior to a call to support a non-denomination ministry geared toward the marginalized and oppressed. There is a story behind the ministry that is an unfortunate legacy of being prostituted at the age of four, being molested, being raped, dealing with abortion, domestic violence, low self-esteem, bulimia, and a host of other challenges that she ministered through. However, in 2011 Rein experienced an encounter with God that not only completely healed her, but catapulted her into a ministry of healing and deliverance that would reach and change so many others. Currently, Rein is a highly sought after Evangelist, Prophetess, Revivalist, Speaker, Life Coach, Inspirational Artist and Author wherein she continues in the work of spreading what God has entitled “The Gospel of Transformation.” Humbly, she works the ministry with a passion, to see others healed and living in their purpose.