Leona Johnson

Leona Johnson Women of Purpose Contributon Author
Leona Johnson

 Women of Purpose Contributing Author  


Leona Johnson is a certified etiquette expert, co-author, and motivational speaker. She is also an image and branding consultant, relationship and dating strategist, and certified communicator. She is the Founder and CEO of Allmannersmatter, LLC. located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leona has had a passion for helping others all of her life. She is a mother of three adult children as well as many beautiful grandchildren from eighteen to two. She has been involved in her community as well as her church for decades. Therefore, she started her many programs with Allmannersmatter, LLC. Her program offers basic through advanced levels of etiquette for the integral development of both businesses and individuals alike. Allmannersmatter, LLC. showcases modern fun and engaging courses for all ages. Understanding communication as it relates to your relationships, personal or business is very important, and her role to coach you through it is very rewarding when your needs are met. Leona is the co-author of Poised Polished Professional: The Experts’ Guide for Executive Presence. She has created an action plan guide that will put your Company above the rest!! Leona’s mission is to enhance one's holistic growth and develop ways for you to understand the importance of etiquette, civility, and communication. Her passion is community outreach and making a conscious difference in the lives of others through the coaching services she offers and Community Programs. Her programs also provide teens free training for speaking, presentations, posture, and grooming; some courses even focus on volunteering.

Leona’s hands-on coaching gives her the ability to meet the needs of the clients and the commitment to work on their goals. She serves a great recipe for all her services: Allmannersmatter, LLC.


For inquiries, speaking engagements, book signings, and other special events contact:

PH: 412.607.3493