Kristina Bolton

Kristina Bolton, Author

Kristina Bolton, aka The Preachy Writer, is an emerging but experienced Christian author, writer, and speaker. She loves God with all her heart, and it's evident in all she does. She was saved by Jesus at the age of 19 in what Kristina likes to call her ‘Damascus’ experience.

On the route of following a path she thought was right, she had an encounter with God that changed her life forever. Kristina is thankful for her accomplishments in the natural, but she understands they have no bearing on who and what God has formed her to be. Becoming a speaker and writer was never in her plans, but the Lord said otherwise. Through her relationship with Him, her passion for seeing lives changed by the power of God has increased dramatically.

The revelation she receives from the Lord through His Word is fresh, and she teaches it in a relatable manner likened unto Jesus' teachings via parable. A chosen mouthpiece for this time, Kristina is grateful for her Kingdom assignment to pour into others, what the Lord has so graciously poured into her. Kristina is simple, yet elaborate, and straightforward all at the same time.  A very vibrant and colorful personality, she is sure to put a smile on your face. She is the host of The Preachy Writer Podcast and frequently writes on her blog called Elisha’s Eyes. She is a founding member of Carriers of the Glory International Ministries in Tallahassee, Florida where she serves under her Apostle & Pastor, Sharon D. Walker. She is a wife and mother of five. A rare vessel in this hour, Kristina will always leave a lasting impression. With a desire to see people live for God, she places a priceless value on souls.

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Facebook/Instagram: @thepreachywriter