Chontae Edison

Chontae Edison Women of Purpose Co-Author
Chontae Edison
Women of Purpose Contributing Author


Chontae Edison is 32-years-old and currently resides in Georgia. She picked up the love for writing when she was around the age of nine. Chontae never thought about writing professionally until later on in life when she was dealt her own obstacle. In overcoming the challenges of an unhealthy relationship, she realized other women could benefit from her journey and experience. Upon this realization, she began iheartbrowngirl, a blog where women can read about her experiences and hopefully feel compelled to share their own. While balancing a blog, she has a full-time career in the insurance industry and currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree. She is also a motivational speaker and helps other women overcome their obstacles specifically in unhealthy relationships. 

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PH: 631.747.5436