Berta Jean

Berta Jean, AuthorBerta Jean is a co-author of Woman of Purpose, Power, and Passion: An Anthology of Hope & Direction. This Empowerment Diva received her Degree in Cosmetology in 1993. Berta Jean has been depositing into the lives of women through beauty and counsel for the last 20 years. Finding herself not only sewing in hair but weaving and bonding lives, becoming less of a Stylist and more than a Life Coach. Berta Jean returned to school to further her education in an area she desired the most, Human Social Services with a minor in Corrections. Equipped and motivated, she works as a Conflict Mediation Counselor with O.U.S.D. Berta Jean took to the: streets, jails, shelters, and churches to encourage and inspire young women from her similar background by promoting, higher learning, home economics, healthy living, spirituality and life care. In 2006 Berta Jean launched Boss Ladi Productions, an Event Planning service that produces and hosts events for large low-income less fortunate families, teen parents, and victims of violent crimes. Through consistent mentorship opportunities as a hair stylist, Berta Jean wrote her first women’s motivational book titled, A Divas Daily Devotional, pleading with women to spend more time pampering themselves to become just as pretty and attractive on the inside as they appear on the outside.  Accrediting all of her accomplishments to her faith, Berta Jean gives all praises to God, for it is He that has done great things in her life. Her charismatic poetry and popular interviews have been featured on Talk Girl Talk RadioThe Nikki Rich ShowLA Firm Fashion Magazine, and Eureka Revealed Christian Magazine. Her Poetry earned her Heritage Poet of The Year.