Tasha Huston

Tasha Huston, Women of Purpose Contributing Author
Tasha Huston

Women of Purpose Contributing Author


Tasha T. Huston is a native New Orleanian, whose writing is influenced by her love of the culture and her upbringing. You can also find bits and pieces of her experiences and self-taught lessons in her writing which she uses to let others know that they are not alone, in whatever they are going through. She was selected to be a featured writer in Writer’s Anonymous, an online poetry publication, after submitting only one piece of her work. Her work has also appeared in Nia Magazine, an online publication geared toward enriching the lives of women of color. She is the author of No Chumps Allowed: 7 Keys to Activating your Inner Champion and Intrinsic Shift: Shifting and Winning in Life. She is a businesswoman and Founder of Pendio Enterprise, an editorial boutique that specializes in taking your scripted works of art and helping you to make it into the masterpiece you want it to be. Her editorial practice is home to many genres from Sci-Fi to Dating/Romance. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Louisiana State University and both a bachelor’s and a master’s in Theology and Religious Studies. She currently works in the Social Services Industry helping families and children overcome behavioral problems. She has worked in this field for a decade and enjoys advocating for those who are often misunderstood.  In her spare time, Huston enjoys playing with her dog, Dio, going for a run around the lake, cooking, baking, reading, and traveling. When she is not actively engaged in any of the above-mentioned activities, you can find her in one of two local dance groups swaying to the rhythm and looking for inspiration with each step. She is currently working on her third book due for publication in Spring 2019.

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