Joel Jones

Joel Jones, AuthorJoel Jones was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Joel is the 12th of 13 children born to Thomas and Mary Jones. He is the author of On The Job with God: The Awakening. Joel’s parents were devout followers of the Nation of Islam. They reared their children in the teachings of this Islamic group.   However, it was Joel’s older siblings who received the strictest teachings of Islam. God allowed Joel to excel in sports, which provided the opportunity for Joel to receive a full scholarship to a major university in Des Moines, IA. Leaving Chicago at the age of 18, allowed Joel to escape the teachings of this man-made religion. Joel left Chicago and soon sent for Denise, and started his own family. After a brief opportunity to play professional football, Joel settled into working as a police officer in the State of California in order to provide for his family.  And while he did the best he could to show them the way, his efforts were inadequate because Joel did not know God.  He didn’t believe in Christianity, nor did he believe in Jesus.  As a matter of fact, Joel had never sat down and read a Bible or attended church services before the age of forty-nine. Well, in 2004 Joel and Denise simultaneously received a major supernatural epiphany, complete with the sighting of angels and an ultimate meeting with Christ Himself.  Both were taken up in the Spirit for six consecutive days, escorted by the Lord of Lords, and King of kings. Needless to say, their lives were changed, for the better…forever. God had a magnificent plan, but not only to change his life for the better, but the lives of his family, his friends, and all who read this book and seek a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Joel Jones is now Pastor Joel Jones. His wife Denise is now Pastor AnnaLisa Jones. Both are prayer warriors who continue to see the mighty hand of God moving in their lives. Both are also gospel songwriters and recording artists with ASCAP. They have ministered across the U.S. and abroad: in South Africa, India and South America.  They are the founders of Spirit of Truth Church Worldwide, a church only 3 years in its development, based in Crockett, CA.  Their broadcasts can currently be heard on Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM on KDYA radio 1190, and Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM on KDIA radio 1640.