Jeryn Alise Turner

Jeryn Alise Turner

Jeryn Alise Turner has an MBA in marketing and is a Senior Vice President for a global financial institution. She balances out the demands of work by traveling, meditating and teaching yoga. She credits her gluten free lifestyle with giving her renewed energy and health. With a name like Jeryn she has always stood out from others. Now she is using that uniqueness to make a name for herself as a writer. She began writing as a hobby in high school but most recently channeled that passion into writing her first book, “A Dream Come True”. It was published in May 2017 and became an Amazon Bestseller.

It dives into the deep aspects of one of the most important relationships a woman can have, the one with her mother. The setting of this book is Peru, a mecca of spirituality and involves a time traveler experience. The strong spirit of women is presented in this book and portrays the sacred bond and strength that exists when a mother and daughter come together.  It’s a transformative story about growth that allows its readers to see themselves in the characters based on the writer’s honesty and genuine depiction of life.

Writing is her ideal form of communication because there is a clarity in writing that often goes missing in conversations. She cherishes her quiet time and uses it to decompress and reflect. Writing is how she processes what happens to her and others. The insights, understanding and peace she gets from words inspired her to share them with others. By finding meaning in life experiences, things started making sense to her. The more she understands, the more she posts on Instagram and Twitter. By communicating her thoughts with others she hopes to expand their way of thinking and bring them greater perspective. 

She writes about common topics that connect us emotionally as well how people react to unexpected events. She writes to make sense of the unknown and to seek understanding in case she faces something similar in life. With understanding comes acceptance and acceptance leads to healing. What drives us in relationships is the connection with another person; what drives a writer is the connection with their readers. She is grateful that others have been able to connect with her through her books and social media messages.

Regardless of the emotion whether pain, happiness, excitement or doubt everyone longs for validation, someone to authenticate our experiences. Every person wants to resonate with others in this experience called life. She writes to create a platform to openly discuss life issues, events and experiences. She focuses on constructive ways to deal with things so her readers feel empowered. The goal of life is to learn and Jeryn sees herself as a student of life. If she can help one person then she knows it was all worth it.

To connect with Jeryn or schedule her for an upcoming event, please go to her website To purchase “A Dream Come True” go to her website or directly to Her Instagram name is @spelmangemini and Twitter is @jerynturner.