Doris Collier

Doris Collier, AuthorDoris was born September 18, 1950, in Lawton Oklahoma, to Joe and Aline Collier, the third of 3 girls. She moved to Wichita, Kansas when she was 3 years old at which time 6 more siblings came along. Doris remained in Wichita until 1984 when she, along with her 4 children relocated to Sacramento, California. A State that she said she would never live in, but God had a plan! Doris left Wichita with $100.00 and when she arrived in Sacramento, with only her son at the time, she had $10.00 left! After being unsuccessful at finding a job in Sacramento, Doris moved to Oakland, California in 1985. Doris grew up in a loving household where her parents showed by example how to give unconditional love and forgiveness. In her parents’ house church was not an option, it was a part of life! Even though like most small children, Doris wasn’t really paying attention, God was planting His Word in her spirit! At a time in 2004 when there was much turmoil in her life, the Holy Spirit began to give her words that helped her to stand! As Doris began to share the poems with others they too were encouraged. The poems were coming so frequently that she had to keep paper and a pencil at all times, or near her bed. Doris was on an airplane coming from Kansas sitting comfortably in an aisle seat and hoping that no one sat next to her. Just as she had that thought, a very tall man with a very deep voice walked up and asked her if anyone was sitting next to her. Doris told him no and he sat down. He noticed the book that she was reading Breath Prayers and said that he was just reading from the book of Timothy. Doris told him about the poems and how they were coming and that she didn’t know what God wanted her to do with them. He immediately said, “put them on bookmarks,” and she did! Doris has long had the desire to publish the poems at the urging of her family and friends. The title My Alabaster Box came to her after hearing someone sing a song with the same title, and stating that they believed our Alabaster Boxes are the issues that flow from our hearts! Doris now shares her book with so many with the gift of poetry.