Deborah Young

Deborah Young, Women of Purpose Contributing Author
Deborah Young

 Women of Purpose Contributing Author  


Ms. Deborah Young is a follower of Jesus Christ and an ultramodern entrepreneur living in Houston, Texas with her thirteen-year-old son. Born in Voorhees, New Jersey, Deborah’s parents moved to North Philadelphia, PA where she was raised. Ms. Deborah is a recognized business owner and leader in the Houston area where she owns a variety of businesses. Ms. Deborah is the Founder/CEO of Lions Group Financial Planning, a financial firm in Houston that provides quality financial services to families and individuals in search of financial freedom, security, and debt control. Ms. Deborah is also the Co-owner of Thru Grace Media, a well-known media company offering digital media solutions to clients for their businesses and brands. After moving to Houston, Ms. Deborah established Imperial Hair Designs, a concierge beauty salon serving women and children in the Houston area. As a faithful member of Greater Works Ministries, Deborah serves inside and outside of the church walls. She loves her church as this was the place that welcomed her as she came to know Christ. Dealing with brokenness, fear, and pain from an abusive marriage that ended in divorce, Deborah saw no hope. Upon learning of Christ’s love for her, Deborah dedicated and surrendered her life to Him and has found love, joy, confidence, peace, and healing. Understanding her purpose and the ministry God has placed in her, Deborah founded The Lazarus Foundation, a non-profit Christian organization devoted to helping women overcome barriers from physical, emotional, and mental abuse. The Lazarus Foundation faithfully serves women by providing free guidance and training to women searching for their identity in Christ while gaining confidence, joy, a positive self-image, and self-love. Deborah has a heart for others and those in need. She empowers and inspires women daily to walk in their God-given purpose and fulfill their calling.

Title: Women of Purpose (2018) 

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