Honoring Maya Angelou on Women's Day

Maya Angelou was one of America's most thriving poets and she managed to bring in a unique, influential voice for the people. Aside from being a poet and memoirist, Maya Angelou also was a singer and civil rights, activist. It's a wonderful idea to remember her during Women's Day, as she is one of the most influential women in US history. She wrote seven autobiographies, three essay books, as well as a multitude of poetry books. And as we mentioned earlier, she is also credited in other fields, including TV shows, movies, and plays too, which is nothing short of extraordinary.

Maya Angelou received multiple honors during her career, such as two NAACP image awards in 2005 and 2009; This shows her dedication to helping other people and offering more support and assistance in the best possible way.  

There's a lot we can learn on International Women's Day when it comes to Maya Angelou. Like many women, Maya Angelou came from a poor family and she had a difficult childhood. You will find many inspiring books for women that talk about her parents splitting up, and she would live with their father's mothers. Her living conditions were challenging at times, but she managed to pull through all of that.  

Even if you see quotes for women empowerment related to Maya Angelou, she did have many obstacles. For example, she experienced discrimination and racism for quite some time. She was also violated at the precious age of seven, which is why she stopped talking. For many years she didn't say a word to other people. After WWI, she moved to San Francisco and became the first black female cable car conductor. It was after that when she pursued the career that we know.  

Fulfilling your purpose  

Maya Angelou's story seems acquired from those inspiring books you read to try and push yourself to the next level. When it comes to Maya Angelou, everything you hear about is true. She did have a difficult life, and she worked extremely hard to fulfill her dreams. She was one of the women of purpose that did everything just to push herself despite all the challenges in her life. 

You can get inspiring canvas wall art with quotes that will encourage you just as Maya Angelou so eloquently has done. She didn't have a simple life; she had to fight her way through. There is a lot to learn about this phenomenal woman of purpose. She consistently stood up against boundaries. It's clear how much Maya Angelou focused on doing something meaningful and influential in the world. 

And yes, there's a lot you can do too. Once you learn more about Maya Angelou, you should be more focused on taking control of your life. You can also focus on empowering other women to fulfill their purpose in life. She did everything in her power to push the boundaries and accomplish her goals and dreams. Now that you have a glimpse into the life of Maya Angelou, it's time for you to create a plan and eliminate distractions. So you can continually evolve and encourage other women of purpose.

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