Holiday Travel

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise across the country, health experts are warning of significant gatherings as the holiday season approaches, and many Americans are wondering if it's OK to travel with family this year and how many of them can safely do so. Experts have warned against large gatherings. Many people ask themselves whether holiday travel is the right time for them to get back in touch with their family after much of the year. After months of separation, many family members and friends consider whether to try to spend the holidays together, doing their best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or truancy the gathering. It is essential to talk to people in your life, family, and friends about travel risks. 

If you decide to travel, tests can help you do so more safely, but if you choose not to travel, a small, intimate family vacation is the safest way for you, your family, and your friends and colleagues. Consider that while virtual visits are not necessarily the preferred way to spend a holiday with relatives, they are a safe option for everyone and may even be necessary for some people. You should also make sure that if you feel even a bit under the weather, to stay in the comfort of your own home.

Spending your holiday in your own home or organizing a virtual celebration is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others. If you quarantine while on holiday, keep a six-meter distance and donate to joint festivities. Even if you decide to spend the holidays with your grandparents this year, you should be able to get away safely by covering up, exercising social distance, wearing face coverings, and washing your hands regularly. If you attend a celebration hosted by someone else, follow the CDC's advice in the event of gathering.

If you are hosting a gathering that brings people together in different households over the Christmas period, please follow the CDC tips for organizing an event and follow them when you do. Check out the CDC's recommendations to ensure you stay safe. If you are thinking about traveling, it's worth thinking about where you might want to go and what others in your community might encourage or not. Most of all be safe and try as best as you can to enjoy yourself throughout the holiday season.

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