Transformational Leadership In Nursing

Transformational Leadership in Nursing

Are there multiple transformational leadership styles?

Every transformational leader has their own style, and this is no different in the field of nursing. A nurse leader needs to brainstorm ways to boost patient satisfaction, talk with the staff, encourage nurses to share their ideas and understand challenges. On top of that, this type of nursing leadership is about respecting the needs and ideas of the staff, while also coming up with the right solutions at the right time.

What are the transformational leadership benefits for nurse leaders?

The transformational leadership style is unique and designed to focus on the needs of nurses. A nurse leader focuses on respect, professionalism and offering a better service to customers. On top of that, the nurse leader motivates his/her staff by encouraging ideas and making it easy to boost their workplace results and experience. Nurse leaders establish department goals, and they split everything evenly so no one will be left out. 

Moreover, transformational leadership is lowering turnover costs and engages the full person. It’s a leadership style that encourages change, which is perfect in the context of healthcare leadership. Establishing a new vision is easy, and you also get to boost enthusiasm this way as well. This is also a leadership approach focused on growth, value and offering amazing results at the highest possible level. It’s simpler to change the morale of your team with the transformational leadership system, not to mention there’s a major focus on ethics as well. 

If you’re looking to learn more about transformational leadership in nursing and how you can approach it, we recommend you to read the Healthcare Leadership Practices book by Dr. Ursula Bell. Here you get to learn more about the importance of healthcare leadership, transformational leadership in this industry, and how you can manage and lead nurses in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Upon reading Healthcare Leadership Practices, you will be heavily impressed with the amazing quality and outstanding ideas provided by the book. 

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